Equal force

Equipping people who have the WILL to resist, with the SKILLS to resist.

The newest addition to our line up is the Women’s Empowerment Series, including FIGHT LIKE A GIRL and GIRLS ON GUARD. For women only, these physical training sessions are held at Bally Total Fitness in Olathe, Kansas

It is our pleasure to offer the KANSAS Concealed Handgun License Training Course for Kansas residents and the MISSOURI Concealed Carry Endorsement Firearms Safety Training for Missouri Residents. These 8-hour classes enable law-abiding residents to apply for their Kansas or Missouri concealed carry permits. They also meet the Florida training requirement to apply for a Florida non-resident concealed firearm license. Residents of Kansas, Missouri and other states who travel frequently may like the convenience of having the Florida permit that is valid in 32 states.

Our Florida Non-Resident Concealed Firearm License Paperwork Seminar is 1 hour at the end of the same day. The purpose of the seminar is to simplify the process and avoid common mistakes that cause delay in receiving the license.

Obtaining a license to legally carry is one thing, but it is critical to develop the comfort of skill at arms worthy of the grave responsibility which accompanies the right. Our 4-hour Enhanced Shooting Skills training sessions include presentation from the holster, concealed by a garment, under time pressure, in low light conditions.

Due to frequent requests, we’ve added a crime prevention program that focuses on safety strategies throughout a typical day. This 4-hour Refuse To Be A Victim® class is useful for women, men, employees, travelers, drivers, students and senior citizens alike. Ask me about teaching your group of friends or colleagues!

Taking up reloading? Having an experienced reloader guide you will help you avoid buying the wrong equipment and making the most common mistakes. Bob is available to consult with you one on one. Check out his experience on the Instructors Firearms Credentials page, and more on the Reloading Consultation from the Classes page.

Please feel free to poke around and offer feedback. Your suggestions are appreciated!

For personal and family protection,

Kay and Bo

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